Monday, November 20, 2017

birds and bags

winter days are filled
with strange images 
of birds and bags
as we wait for the keys
to our next chapter

Monday, November 6, 2017

Almost two years

The end of November will mark two years since we sold our home in Salmon Arm...two homeless years dedicated to travel and new experiences. We spent a total of six months in Greece on three separate trips to share Easters, John's 80th birthday celebration and a special baptism with our Greek family and friends. There was also a tour of several Balkan countries with our group of Balkaneros from Greece and Turkey ...wonderful friends who happily shared adventures with a couple of ageing Canadians.

In between these European trips we managed to fly to Mexico twice for visits with friends who generously hosted us in their new Mismaloya home for two months on each visit.

The other days, weeks and months were filled with house sitting gigs in Vancouver, Gibsons, Saltspring Island, Surrey and Cloverdale.

Added to all of these adventures was a test of endurance for our relationship. It seems that we can still laugh at each other's foibles in between occasional gasps of frustration!

So, at the end of November we will start a new chapter in our condo owners! But... before we get settled...we will fly to Mexico again at the end of December for a couple of months in the sun!

After living out of suitcases for two years...there is no rush! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

End of the weekend

Last night we decided to take public transit out to the River Rock casino in Richmond for a birthday celebration. I am quite enjoying this new experience of having a seat on the bus offered to me. As I don't spend a lot of time in front of a mirror these days, it is surprising to acknowledge that others must see me as a white haired old woman!

On the return trip to downtown Vancouver a young woman immediately stood and offered us her seat and the empty seat beside her. I happily accepted but John, perceiving himself to be younger than his true self, refused her generosity and teetered on his pins for half of the trip. When another seat finally became available, he plopped down by the window and was immediately joined by a "white faced ghoul" with a stitched bloody scar across her cheek and hair laden with dead leaves. She was obviously on her way to a Rocky Horror party. Of course it was one of those times when I had left the camera and the iPhone in the apartment!! Back on Davie Street we found ourselves in the midst of various monsters and ghouls lurching along.

This morning we woke to another gorgeous day...walked down to Denman Street for coffee and a reunion for John at the gym. While he was lifting weights I enjoyed a walk around Coal Harbour watching kayaks in the water, seaplanes landing and a ridiculous number of small dogs with their poop-scooping owners.

Coal Harbour yellow harvest of leaves

When we returned to Cloverdale the temperature was 18 degrees and a warm wind was blowing leaves from the trees out front. Intent on harnessing the leaves we attacked the front lawn with great zeal...for the fifth time ...and discovered that the leaves on our neighbour's lawn were being carried over to us! 

With any luck the wind will blow the remaining leaves off 
and we will do the final raking tomorrow!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Vancouver weekend

We are enjoying a weekend in Vancouver and an opportunity to attend the preview performance of Calendar Girls at the Metro Theatre last night. What a great story!...and the cast did an incredible job.

Adrian has dual roles in the production (this is a rehearsal photo).

This morning we sailed across to Granville Island on a beautiful sunny day.
Musicians were singing, children were playing and leaves were falling.

Kayaks were stored in hibernation for next spring...

...alongside life jackets.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

What a great weekend!
I travelled to the Sunshine Coast for the annual Art Crawl.
Shelly and I managed to visit eleven artist venues on Saturday
and a couple more this morning before I hopped on the ferry
for my return to Horseshoe Bay.

Sunshine Coast affordable housing!

A fascinating studio!

There were 144 venues listed in the guide
for this event from October 20-22, 2017.

Thank you very much to Shelly for hosting me
and to the organisers and artists!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A new home

We have finally found a new Langley. It is an 1140 square foot condo on 54th Avenue that offers a large bright space for my studio. Possession will be on November 30th (exactly two years after selling our home in Salmon Arm) but we don't plan to live in the unit until next spring.

The month of December will be devoted to cleaning, painting and re-carpeting two rooms. January and February will be spent with friends in Mexico while the condo bathroom is gutted and refurbished. the spring...when the roads are clear of ice and snow...we will empty the storage locker in Salmon Arm and bring our stuff down to the new home.

Meanwhile...reservations are made for a celebration dinner tonight!!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Monday

More walkabouts in town on Thanksgiving Monday...

...and then a delicious dinner with our niece and her family...

...where we we did the traditional "height test"!
Our grand nephew is 6'-5"...and still growing!!