Thursday, October 12, 2017

A new home

We have finally found a new Langley. It is an 1140 square foot condo on 54th Avenue that offers a large bright space for my studio. Possession will be on November 30th (exactly two years after selling our home in Salmon Arm) but we don't plan to live in the unit until next spring.

The month of December will be devoted to cleaning, painting and re-carpeting two rooms. January and February will be spent with friends in Mexico while the condo bathroom is gutted and refurbished. the spring...when the roads are clear of ice and snow...we will empty the storage locker in Salmon Arm and bring our stuff down to the new home.

Meanwhile...reservations are made for a celebration dinner tonight!!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Monday

More walkabouts in town on Thanksgiving Monday...

...and then a delicious dinner with our niece and her family...

...where we we did the traditional "height test"!
Our grand nephew is 6'-5"...and still growing!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Campbell Valley Regional Park

This morning we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going for a walk through Campbell Valley Regional Park.

A woman was photographing birds as they scooped up seeds from her hand. She offered us each a handful of seeds to distribute to hungry birds along the trail.

This little guy made sure that his competitors stayed away!

Forevers and what-ifs

I realised this morning that I have been weighted down by the heavy thoughts of "forever" woven with thick strands of "what-ifs". It was time to remember a couple of truths...that nothing is forever ...and... that it is impossible to consider all of the solutions to "what-ifs". When this reality settled into my anxious brain...there was a feeling of lightness. Freed from having to forecast every possible scenario of life in a new home...I was able to discard my doubts and take a fresh look at the streets of our future home as I walked along.

A local artist expressed joy in this scene!

Friday, October 6, 2017


We are on the verge of ownership...again. Our offer was we wait for everything to clear by October 12th. It is old...with many stories... hidden in the walls... from 1978 to today!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Solo in Downtown Vancouver

Yesterday was an interesting experience in solo travel to downtown Vancouver. I had scheduled a hair appointment for 1:00pm so I decided to leave early in the morning and use the transit system instead of driving. I was not only the oldest passenger but also the only one with white skin and white hair in a melodic blend of youthful coffee colours and scents for the entire trip!

I had forgotten how Saturday mornings in downtown Vancouver are quiet! My first choice for a morning coffee was closed(no offices open in the Marine building) so I wandered over to Granville Street to find an Intelligensia outlet where I sat with two other customers. They stared at their handheld devices while I studied them...young and oblivious. Could this be a future theme for paintings?

When I became bored with observing these inert young people I wandered up to The Bay. This store holds many memories for me... hours spent shopping for shoes, clothes and panty hose when I was working downtown many years ago. I caressed the $90 bras and closely examined the $850 shoes while wondering ...who shops in this store now?!

Back on the street I decided to check out the library...previously only viewed from the outside. Wow! The layout that was posted inside directed me to the 5th floor...the QUIET floor... with magazines and newspapers. Fortunately it was also loaded with shelves of art books. Taking several books, I found a quiet table and comfortable chair to (hopefully) stimulate my creative side.

I marvelled at Richard Estes' realism, wondered at Alessandro Raho's translations of emotion through clothing and loved Jonas Burgert's swaddled images. It was thrilling to discover these artists!

Filled with imagery and stimulation I decided that it was time to see the exhibit at the Art Gallery and savour the flavours from one of the food carts that sets up outside the gallery. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the gallery, there was a long line of people to enter the gallery along Howe Street extending toward Georgia Street and no food carts in sight!

My solo day in downtown Vancouver was not working out exactly as planned! Maybe a little sushi was the answer. So, after enjoying some sashimi, I finally arrived at my hairdresser's for the scheduled appointment. After having white hairs snipped and shaped I hopped on the Expo Line and then squeezed into a jam packed bus for the trip back to Cloverdale. Young people offer me their seats these days!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Leaving Chicago

We are packing and making leisurely plans for our Chicago exit.

"Gentlemen", a bronze plated sculpture by Ju Ming, located in the AMA plaza.