Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Today's mail

After dinner I walked across the street to pick up my sister's mail.

I was thrilled to find a package addressed to us...
covered with stamps... from Amorgos Greece!!!

This creatively decorated package was inside!...

...containing a calendar of photos from the Constellation of Amorgos,
an annual summer festival that celebrates the diversity of Greek artistic talent.

Thank you so much!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

the last few days

Last Tuesday we moved from the West End of Vancouver to my sister's house in Cloverdale. The car was full! Since then we have been busy...traveling back to Vancouver for a baseball game on Wednesday evening and a Podiatrist appointment on Friday morning. The Doctor suggested an ankle brace for John's right leg to keep his ankle from turning over and it made sense to invest in new shoes as well.

Friday afternoon we picked up our grandson and visited Burnaby Heritage Park. John napped in the car while Augie and I explored an old tram car, wandered through the village and enjoyed a ride on the reconstructed carousel. Of course we had to stop at the ice cream parlour!

Augie led me down to a small wharf in Deer Lake where we discovered a million waterlily pads!

When it was time to head back to the car and wake Papa...we couldn't remember where we parked the car. Searching in the heat was exhausting but, after 1/2 hour, there he was...still fast asleep!

This morning we waved goodbye to my sister and her husband 
as they drove away in their new motorhome for a few days near Osoyoos. 
Safe and fun travels!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

yesterday and today

Nadine joined me for yesterday's walk along Coal Harbour, around Lost Lagoon and back through the West End Market that is held every Saturday. After our walk I visited Chris while he was undergoing dialysis at St. Paul's Hospital. Three times each week, since he was discharged, they drive into Vancouver from Richmond for this procedure.

He was having a good day!

Today I pushed myself into some uphill portions on the morning walk...

...and it felt good!
This gorgeous mural is across from the West End Community Centre.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Real estate offers and a walk

We are still reeling from the results of our latest offer on a condo in Langley. After offering $23,000 over the asking price we learned that the condo was purchased by someone who offered $37,500 over the asking price of $239,000!! Our future, along with thousands of others, is affected by this real estate game that is playing out in the lower mainland.

The sale of our house in Salmon Arm netted under $300,000. After spending 1 1/2 years in travel mode we finally decided to start the search for a new home and discovered that availability is very limited in our price range. Thank goodness for the generosity of friends and family who are sharing their personal space with us.

This morning's walk took me out to Second Beach pool...

...where I experimented with the iPhone camera.

A much needed rest on the way back to 1100 Harwood Street.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Over the bridge

This morning we walked over the Burrard Street Bridge and along to the Maritime Museum. 

There is a  dock in Heritage Harbour, behind the museum, where a small False Creek ferry takes passengers to and from the Aquatic Centre, Granville Island and other stops around the harbour. There are several boats at this dock that have significant historic value. It was interesting to read the descriptions that are posted on each vessel...well worth a visit!

The North Star of Herschel Island is moored at the dock now. It is the last of the sailing Arctic fur trading ships, built in 1935 in San Francisco. She is rigged and ready to sail!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Walking thoughts

As I was walking along the seawall in Coal Harbour this morning
I wondered why I often choose this route for my morning walks.

On one side I am surrounded by condos 
that sell for a minimum of one million dollars
and on the other side I am walking alongside 
billions of dollars worth of floating pleasure craft!

Many of the condos sit empty
and the boats seldom leave the docks.
In order to lift my spirits I need to revise my route!

Despite the real estate mess in Vancouver,
I am very happy to be Canadian!

Walking back to the apartment along English Bay
I spotted this information sign and wondered how long it would take
for nature to reclaim this city if humans disappeared?!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The wait is over and birthday flags

It was a strange day while we waited to hear about our offer for a Langley condo. At 9:00pm we received a call from our realtor with the news that none of the offers were presented because the seller could not be reached! All offers expired at 9:00pm!! This is not fun!

Tonight's dinner was a birthday celebration for our grandson.

His current interests, other than football, are geography and flags
so we gave him a 38' long strip of 2014 FIFA flags.