Friday, January 30, 2015

Baby soap?

The eye specialist advised me to use baby soap to wash my eyelids in an attempt to control an episode of blephoritis. I picked up a small bottle of liquid baby soap at Woolworth's yesterday and applied it to my eyelids this morning. It didn't want to lather! Apparently I bought baby oil! It was quite a challenge to wash the oil from my eyelids with regular soap...ouch!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

more PV scenes

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

the river
on a new path
weaving between trees
above the river bank
lined with rocks and snowy birds
sunlight sparkles and dimples bright
as a breeze teases the leaves above
and Noah's Ark sits silently waiting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pam Thompson referral in PV

My left eye has been irritated for about 10 days. It seemed to be worse at night. On closer examination, with my magnifying mirror, the lower lid looked red and inflamed. It was time to visit an eye doctor!

I called Pam Thompson, a woman who handles medical referrals in PV at no charge to the patient. She had referred me to Dr. Antonio Rodriguez (an Ophthalmologist) two years ago with an eye problem. This time she asked me to send her an email with the details of my request and she would arrange the appointment and notify me. Half an hour later I received an email from her to say that my appointment was scheduled for hour later!!!

Following a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez he examined both eyes and told me that "Blephoritis" was the cause of my discomfort. Apparently oily secretion had built up on my lower eyelid and formed a blockage. He gave me a prescription for two types of eye drops (to be used in both eyes) and recommended that I apply cold compresses 3 times a day for 3 days followed by hot compresses for 7 days.

The consultation and examination (approx. 3/4 hour) cost 500 pesos ($40Can)!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Frannie looks everywhere

I've looked everywhere and I still can't find my human parents!!

Friday, January 23, 2015


Friday Night Shuffle

When you're here longer than two weeks each year it is hard to find new and unique artists. Tonight we visited three galleries and saw the same work that we have seen for the past three months...just shuffled from one gallery to another. Maybe that's the meaning of "shuffle"!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

John's health

John visited his PV Cardiologist this morning for an echocardiogram. I watched his heart beat on the screen while Dr. Curiel explained what I was seeing. It was fascinating to watch this vital organ beating away in smooth evidence of Atrial Fibrillation during the test.

Comparing the results from an echo in November 2013 indicated improvements in his left ventricular ejection fraction from 30/40 percent to 57 percent. Everything else was good. The Doctor transferred all of the images and his report onto a flash drive to bring back to Canada.

One week ago Dr. Curiel suggested that John should reduce his dosage of Ramipril because of low BP so he has taken half of the dosage for seven days. Today's reading was still low (100/60) so he has eliminated the drug and will return for another reading next week.

A combination of walks, gym visits and diet have turned him into Superman!!!

Night on the town

A small restaurant down the hill offers a half price menu on Wednesday evenings so we made reservations for 7:00pm on the rooftop. The meal was delicious...rib eye steak, tequila prawns, a glass of red wine and a margarita (with tip) = $32.00.

After dinner we walked through the touristic mania.

The music from this bar travelled for miles!

Our destination was Mannmade Mexico, a shop that offers unique furniture and decorative items that have been designed by Louise Mann and handmade in Mexico. Louise travels between California and Puerto Vallarta with her design business and is assisted in the shop by our friends Sid & Sheila.

A beach scene, complete with sand and straw mat, was set up outside the shop 
to give guests the opportunity to experience her handmade sling chairs.

Live music blended percussion and wind instruments...wonderful!

After touring the shop and sharing a glass of wine with Sid and Sheila we wandered down the street to a small jazz bar. Unfortunately there was no music on Wednesday night. We will have to return next Tuesday evening.

The Bar reminded us of Jazzmin on Amorgos.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ganesh, Marilyn & Sinatra

A friend visited recently and saw me struggling with new artwork. She wrapped a bracelet around my wrist and asked me to make three wishes before tying a knot in the silk cord. The medallion attached is a "Ganesh" guarantee for future success. I hope that it applies to my exhibition.

Among other things, Ganesh is considered to be the patron of the arts!

Could this be Marilyn and Sinatra...
...hanging around outside the pharmacy??

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This morning

Walking down the highway this morning we were surprised at the lack of traffic coming our way. Usually there is a steady stream of vehicles heading to employment south of town. It wasn't until we came to the first cross street that we found the problem.

A low-bed semi truck was straddling the road, unable to move.
I remember when this happened in Salmon Arm 
at the railway tracks near Churches Thrift store.

Some locals are dressed for winter!

There were at least six men in this morning's Zumba class!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Frannie's thoughts:
"They left me again so I'd better make friends
with this this strange woman because she feeds me!"

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Thanks to my friend Lois for suggesting
that our writing group attempt 
an Etheree style poem.

This was inspired by thoughts of past winters.

is there
about it
that makes me cry
when the sky is grey
and the birds are silent
on frosty winter mornings
as the world around me wakens
to a stillness that fractures the air
with icy indifference to my soul.

Hosts fly the coop!

Our hosts have flown to Vancouver for a few days so we are alone with Frannie, the cat. Their absence means that we have to walk into town for gym visits and daily walks. Our exercise level has increased and our daily diet has decreased in an attempt to shed a few wheat for nine days!! That is a bigger challenge for me than for John because I love my toast and peanut butter with a morning coffee!!

John saw the cardiologist for an annual checkup this week. Everything was excellent. He will have an echocardiogram next week and the Doctor will transfer all of the findings to a flash drive for us to bring back to Canada.

I spotted this woman as she sorted and counted 
a collection of flattened pop/beer cans from the Malecon trash bins.
Everything has a value.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another morning walk

There is a huge project taking place along the river in Puerto Vallarta. A beautiful winding walkway is being created which wraps around existing tree trunks. Below the walkway is a stone retaining wall that is progressing slowly in time with the walkway and road work above.

Drying off on a well used perch in the river.

Another colourful doorway.

Safety is not a major concern on the construction projects that we have seen.
Usually there is no protective glasses, goggles, gloves, ear protection.
These guys are wearing hardhats and have hooked themselves to the re-bar...
but they are swinging back and forth about 25 feet above the floor below.
At least one guy is wearing gloves!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meals of yesterday

First meal of the day for some.

Pelicans are always happy to share the haul...
...especially for breakfast!

At the end of our day we shared a delicious meal prepared by Jax:
Papaya shrimp salad followed by a main course
of saffron rice, grilled veggies and tasty baked chicken.
The grilled radishes were a surprise...wonderful!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Marieta Islands

Fifteen of us boarded the Bruna, a 30 foot launch, for a day trip out to the Marieta Islands. It was a one hour boat trip with Captain Ernesto and his crew of two young deckhands, Adrian and Tony.

When we reached the islands, we had the opportunity to swim from the boat to a tunnel into a gorgeous sandy beach, hidden from view.

I decided to join the swimmers for what felt like a marathon swim.
The large dark shape directly ahead of us was the entrance to the tunnel.
With heads kept low we slowly swam into the sun and sand
of an invisible hole in the island.

Climbing back onboard I was exhausted but exhilarated!
Not bad for a seventy year old!!

After this swim the captain steered our boat closer to the island.

The islands are home to Blue-footed Boobies.

Back onboard after another stop for snorkelling.
Saw amazing fish...electric blue, striped, big, small...WOW!!

A happy trio...and Doug the master snorkeler!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Iguana mosaic


No parking


Dinner at the Quinta

Last night's dinner for eight:
Smoked marlin tapenaude
Spicy black bean soup
Prosciutto chicken with gnocchi
Red wine poached pears

Table settings by Jax

People around town

On yesterday's walk we were looking for interesting people shots along the way. I am always nervous about asking permission to take a stranger's photo but my walking companion doesn't hesitate.

After a little persuasion these two smiled for the camera
while preparing bags of fruit for sale.

Every time you park the car there is always someone offering
to wash and wipe it clean with just a rag and a half bucket of water!

This selection of recycled mens clothing is displayed
for sale every morning on one of the bridges.

Another truckload of kids and luggage!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saturday market & Sunday beachcombing

Saturday is market day in Puerto Vallarta so Shelly and I visited both markets in search of treasures. A new vendor was selling homemade bagels so we bought six for taste testing. That was followed by a search for cream cheese and "just right" avocados.

I finally bought a pair of handmade capris from a young woman who sews creative capris, pants, skirts and dresses in wild colours and patterns. Shelly opted for a simple cotton top with long sleeves and buttons up the front that she had spotted at Ally's. The owner makes all of the clothing in her shop and dresses her three little chihuahuas in flouncy dresses. Two of her dogs were stolen before Christmas so she adopted two little newcomers.

From the large central market we walked over to a new Farmer's market to see what they had to offer. It is a much smaller venue with a dozen vendors selling veggies, baking, crafts and beautiful woven scarves. We were spellbound by a collection of decorative handbags.

A guitar handbag!

This morning we joined Jo, our neighbour, for a beachcombing walk. 
Although the tide was receding, sea glass wasn't easy to find.

Jo and Shelly pose in front of a newly crafted stone wall.

Enroute we talked with two guys who were escorting five rescue dogs 
along the beach for their morning walk.

One of the guys allowed me to photograph his "Picasso" arm!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's eve and day

On New Year's eve we joined about 75 people at a party high above Puerto Vallarta.

At midnight we watched fireworks around Banderas Bay.

Late afternoon on New Year's day we gathered at the Marina for a dinner cruise. 
The area was inhabited by a family of green iguanas.

The dewlap under the chin of male iguanas is inflated
when threatened and when courting a female.

We boarded the sailboat ADA for a dinner cruise.

Captain Ernesto used his "steering foot" to move us out of port.

Doug enjoyed the voyage!

Dinner prep for twelve in the galley!
Delicious meals of snapper, chicken and prawns
along with an endless supply of beverages.

It was a beautiful voyage. We caught the wind 
and were "under sail" for half of the time
as we travelled across the Bay and back.
The sunset was gorgeous and the moon was bright.