Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saturday market & Sunday beachcombing

Saturday is market day in Puerto Vallarta so Shelly and I visited both markets in search of treasures. A new vendor was selling homemade bagels so we bought six for taste testing. That was followed by a search for cream cheese and "just right" avocados.

I finally bought a pair of handmade capris from a young woman who sews creative capris, pants, skirts and dresses in wild colours and patterns. Shelly opted for a simple cotton top with long sleeves and buttons up the front that she had spotted at Ally's. The owner makes all of the clothing in her shop and dresses her three little chihuahuas in flouncy dresses. Two of her dogs were stolen before Christmas so she adopted two little newcomers.

From the large central market we walked over to a new Farmer's market to see what they had to offer. It is a much smaller venue with a dozen vendors selling veggies, baking, crafts and beautiful woven scarves. We were spellbound by a collection of decorative handbags.

A guitar handbag!

This morning we joined Jo, our neighbour, for a beachcombing walk. 
Although the tide was receding, sea glass wasn't easy to find.

Jo and Shelly pose in front of a newly crafted stone wall.

Enroute we talked with two guys who were escorting five rescue dogs 
along the beach for their morning walk.

One of the guys allowed me to photograph his "Picasso" arm!

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