Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another big day!

Another big day for my patient as he enjoyed a walk in the sunny backyard. 
Feeling ambitious, he decided to challenge himself by tackling the back stairs 
into my sister's kitchen for a cup of tea! 
A successful mission!

Easier up than down but he managed both without any major setbacks.
That is a "sort of" smile!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First physio session

My patient managed to impress the physiotherapist with his range of motion this morning. The staples were removed and the incision looks great. Fingers still crossed that he can continue to behave himself.

This was taken on May 10th before he started to misbehave!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nothing is ever easy!

Well, my patient was home for two nights before being transported back to the hospital on Thursday evening, May 17th, by three friendly ambulance attendants. He was running a fever and had unrelenting pain in the new knee. They ran blood cultures to determine whether he had an infection, tried unsuccessfully to aspirate the knee, put him on broad based antibiotics and filled him with morphine.

By Sunday he was up and walking around the ward with a normal (post surgical)amount of controlled pain. His appetite returned along with the colour in his cheeks and the test results for infection were negative. What was the cause?? Doctors speculated that it could have been inflammation from the swelling around the surgical site...or a new knee?? Oh joy!!

He returned home to my sister's yesterday and is doing much better.

Tomorrow is the first physiotherapist appointment and also the removal of staples. Physio is scheduled for Lions Gate Hospital so we will be making two trips each week to North Vancouver until we return to Salmon Arm. It is impossible for him to bend his knee enough to sit in the front passenger seat so, like last year, he is being transported in the back seat with his leg stretched out along the seat. It is much easier for him to slide into the vehicle than it is to hoist himself out!

Nothing is ever easy with this guy!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quite a week!

It has been quite a week. The surgery was successful but the aftermath resulted in a six night hospital stay instead of a two night stay. Lab tests indicated low hemoglobin so my patient had a blood transfusion on Friday, his INR remained low over the weekend and his electrolytes were wonky.

He was finally released yesterday and I am hopeful that he will recover quickly with a proper diet and a restful home. My sister's dog has been keeping him company. If allowed, he would gladly lick John's wound in a canine effort to help with the healing process.

The sun is shining and my patient will soon be signed up for a marathon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The day before surgery

We received word this morning that John's surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow. 
Today is a day of relaxation, people watching from our favourite coffee shops 
and strolls through the West End. 

Hirschfield House, built in 1910, is one of several older homes
to have survived the ongoing thirst for destruction and reconstruction.

 The Kensington, built in 1912, was once home to our dear friends.
Overlooking English Bay, it houses treasured apartments.

Most of the small corner groceries have disappeared from Vancouver's landscape.
This one, across from Lord Roberts Elementary School, is a favourite stop
for students from the school and neighbouring apartments.

We couldn't finish our West End tour without a visit
to The Laughing Men sculptures.
This one is telling John "Don't worry, be happy"!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Abreast in a Boat

Sixteen years ago 24 survivors of breast cancer 
launched their first dragon boat from this location.

This lovely Legacy Garden, across from Granville Island,
is dedicated to those women and their families.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our neighbourhood

Our street is pinked with fallen blossoms.

A blaze of tulips at Choclit Park.

Our corner Beanery and Bistro.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A sweet walk down Memory Lane

Today we had another walk down and around Memory Lane in Steveston. 
From Garry Point, we passed hundreds of crab traps on our way into the village.

Mesh fences were decorated with brightly coloured fish.

Pajo's, our favourite place for fish & chips
floated quietly in the lull of morning hours.

The building that was home to my graphic studio
is still alive with new shops and businesses.

It was a sweet walk!

Thank you Nick!

I spent most of the day yesterday with an Apple Genius! Wow! What an experience! The first fifteen minutes of my visit to the Apple store were spent with a pleasant young "Apple Expert". He ensured that all of my updates were up to date before lining me up for an appointment with an "Apple Genius". Fifteen minutes later I met Nick, the Genius who spent most of the next five hours tweaking my computer until it ran like new. The entire time that he was solving my computer problems, he was also working on a succession of others, usually three at a time. His people skills were amazing and his problem solving resulted in many smiling faces. To my knowledge he only took a short break to eat a muffin. The cost of his services?!!

The store was packed with Mac users all day. They came with ipads, iphones, macbooks. Some made purchases, others sought advice and help. The Experts(at least 20 in blue t-shirts) circulated on the floor, greeting each customer and determining the level of assistance required. Each Expert was connected to the overall operation with an ipad, setting up Genius appointments, workshop schedules, explaining equipment, handling purchases and placing orders.

During my visits back and forth to the store during that 5 hour period, I asked Nick what his training was for the important position of "Apple Genius". He looked at me for a second, and replied that he was a pediatrician. "What?" I thought that he was joking but he explained that he got burnt out with 80 hour weeks and wanted a life with social connections. As a result, he worked 40 hours a week as a Genius and was enjoying a full life.

Thank you Nick!!