Sunday, October 30, 2011

The ongoing saga

It is almost ten weeks since my patient's leg was ripped open to insert a new knee. He continues to suffer from a variety of maladies caused by overcompensating with other body parts during his recovery. His left knee(also requiring knee replacement) has sidelined him twice, rendered him unable to walk and exercise for several days each time. His back muscles have ceased up on two separate occasions, keeping him horizontal. Now his left shoulder is screaming in complaint. I can't imagine what his recovery would have been like if he hadn't been a regular participant at our local gym!!

Meanwhile my nursing skills are showing signs of wearing thin. Each day I wake up and wonder what strange agony will visit his body today.

It is worth noting that the "new knee" is functioning really well. My patient assures me that we will be able to travel to Vancouver in November and on to Mexico in December. Time will tell!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving with August

Thanksgiving weekend for August, our grandson, included an exploration of the wharf on his push bike. Helmet secured, he flew down to the end and back again with sophisticated balance, his father close behind. Enroute he checked out the birds and ducks that are still lingering around the water's edge.

Nana and Papa sauntered slowly behind, marveling at his speed and control. He could have easily completed the circuit several times during our slow return trip but distractions kept stopping him in his tracks.

Although our energy was waning, his energy was still peaking, so we suggested a tour around McGuire Lake. Before we had walked to the entry gate across from Sturgis North Pub, he had disappeared around the curved pathway, his father in pursuit. Abbreviating our walk, we returned to the car just as they completed the circuit! Whew!! We were all ready for a nap!!

Pumpkin pie isn't the same without whipped cream.
A tiny tongue is needed to clean up the messy whippers.

This was Augie's first attempt at the task of "whipper-cleaner-upper".
He did an amazing job!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Improving every day

After getting the okay from his surgeon and physiotherapist, my patient made his return visit to the gym yesterday for a minimal workout. Later in the day, after he had recovered for several hours, we sauntered down the wharf in the sun. Our goal is to make him "road ready" before mid-November for our trip to the coast.

Friday, October 7, 2011

1962-almost 50 years ago!

If we had "Call Display" fifty years ago, my heart would have stopped! Yesterday, when I saw his name on my telephone monitor, I knew that the call was about our 50 year High School reunion. Fifty years ago,  he would never have called me.

Next year a group of 68 year olds will gather to reminisce about "the old days at King Edward High". We will look at each other, trying to reconcile our aging features with the photos in our 1962 annuals.