Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It is the end of March already. I should be recording the wonders of spring, the robin singing outside our bedroom window, the flicker rat-a-tat-tatting on our roof, the snow melting and the buds pushing out of the soil. I have noticed all of these things but my mind has been preoccupied with the news that my sister has ovarian cancer.

The problem is that there is nothing I can do to undo this diagnosis. Despite the Gynecologist's positive observations while he was removing her ovaries and tubes, the pathology report indicated that she has a high grade clear cell carcinoma formed from endometrial tissue. The Oncologist recommended further surgery to remove her uterus, an omentectomy and a para-aortic lymphodenectomy. Whew!!

She has agreed to undergo this major surgery on April 7th, just 1 1/2 years after my youngest sister had both breasts removed following a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The arrival of spring has not brought a feeling of joy this year.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A new blog!

There will be a new blog soon. It will follow the creative path of two artists as they search for inspiration in the varied venues of local eateries. Armed with sketchbooks, writing journals, cameras and voracious appetites, they will share meals and memories while asking age-old philosophical questions. Should a grilled cheese sandwich be made with white bread? Are dill pickles necessary? Is the coffee fresh?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Give me colour!!

Surrounded by the white of winter snow,
I long for the lively colours of Mexico!

Sculpture at Garry Point

A twist of licorice
with eyes to the sky.