Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's eve and day

On New Year's eve we joined about 75 people at a party high above Puerto Vallarta.

At midnight we watched fireworks around Banderas Bay.

Late afternoon on New Year's day we gathered at the Marina for a dinner cruise. 
The area was inhabited by a family of green iguanas.

The dewlap under the chin of male iguanas is inflated
when threatened and when courting a female.

We boarded the sailboat ADA for a dinner cruise.

Captain Ernesto used his "steering foot" to move us out of port.

Doug enjoyed the voyage!

Dinner prep for twelve in the galley!
Delicious meals of snapper, chicken and prawns
along with an endless supply of beverages.

It was a beautiful voyage. We caught the wind 
and were "under sail" for half of the time
as we travelled across the Bay and back.
The sunset was gorgeous and the moon was bright.

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