Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pam Thompson referral in PV

My left eye has been irritated for about 10 days. It seemed to be worse at night. On closer examination, with my magnifying mirror, the lower lid looked red and inflamed. It was time to visit an eye doctor!

I called Pam Thompson, a woman who handles medical referrals in PV at no charge to the patient. She had referred me to Dr. Antonio Rodriguez (an Ophthalmologist) two years ago with an eye problem. This time she asked me to send her an email with the details of my request and she would arrange the appointment and notify me. Half an hour later I received an email from her to say that my appointment was scheduled for noon...today...one hour later!!!

Following a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez he examined both eyes and told me that "Blephoritis" was the cause of my discomfort. Apparently oily secretion had built up on my lower eyelid and formed a blockage. He gave me a prescription for two types of eye drops (to be used in both eyes) and recommended that I apply cold compresses 3 times a day for 3 days followed by hot compresses for 7 days.

The consultation and examination (approx. 3/4 hour) cost 500 pesos ($40Can)!!

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