Friday, March 13, 2015

since we returned

We have been home for two weeks now...two full weeks. The house has been listed for sale and there have been five showings...two more tomorrow morning. Each time we receive word about a showing we spend time cleaning & tidying...  ensuring that the house looks as "unlived in" as possible. Purging of the contents to various thrift store is an ongoing process.

The yard and garden areas demanded four days of backbreaking work when we returned. Twenty huge garden bags filled with leaves, needles and debris have been filled and are waiting for someone(anyone) to deliver them to the landfill. Our aging backs are aching. Hedge trimming, lawn maintenance and endless hours of gardening await.

The Jazz Club in Salmon Arm offers "world class" live jazz 

On the flip side of all this work we have been greeted, hugged and updated by friends on a daily basis after our six month absence. We have walked with friends, shared coffees and lunches, attended a Gallery opening with masterfully created puppets on display, viewed two Oscar nominated films, enjoyed a night of live jazz and a fun filled gathering of my writing group. John has rejoined the gym and become an active hospice volunteer again. I am continuing to work on pieces for an upcoming June exhibition at the Art Gallery and a 25 foot long knitted root for another exhibition in October.

How can we consider leaving this place that has been our home for the past 24 years?

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