Saturday, April 25, 2015

An offer

After several years of attempting to sell our house we have finally received an offer. We attribute arrival of the offer to the letter that John composed two weeks ago. In the letter we expressed gratitude to the house for 24 years of comfort, suggesting that it was time to release us for our next adventure. It was also time for the house to welcome new owners to this beautiful location.

So, on May 6th, we will know whether the house inspection is approved and the potential buyers have secured financing for the purchase. Meanwhile we are optimistic that everything will proceed smoothly and we will be forced to think about our future destination.

Today I decided to reduce the amount of paper in our file drawers. In the 1980's I owned a graphic design studio in Steveston BC. Samples of my designs still filled file folders in our home. Some of the clients were memorable, others were vague recollections. It was reassuring to see the creativity of my past, to acknowledge that I had met the expectations of many small businesses and several larger ones. There were even a few files from our early days in Salmon Arm. It was amazingly easy to release the allow the recycling bin to claim them.

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