Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 6 - Portland trip (cont'd)

Another long day of driving...we missed the 101 access that would have taken us up the east coast of the Olympic peninsula. There were detours in Aberdeen that misled a result, we drove up the western route of 101.

Our first stop along the way was a lunch break at Lake Quinault Lodge. Built in 1926, the building provides a nostalgic flashback. Expansive lawns extend from the main lodge toward the lake.

View from the dining room.

It was reassuring to note that our "sicko" was spending less time expectorating during the day. That could be due to constant application of medications or simply that she is improving.

After lunch we stopped at Kalaloch, on the western coast.

From there we drove to Forks for a coffee break. It was serendipity that we had coffee at the diner that is featured in the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer. This small town was chosen by the author as the setting for her vampire series of novels. Our waitress said that visitors appear often with queries about where the main characters sat in the diner and she has to tell them that the movies were not filmed in Forks(they were filmed in Vancouver)...only the books were set there.

It was a grimy diner with nothing to recommend it.

Our route after leaving Forks took us on a beautiful drive 
around Lake Crescent where the water was like a mirror.

We decided that Port Angeles didn't hold interest for us so we continued on to Sequim (pronounced Skwim) where we are staying overnight at the Quality Inn. A quick visit to the local Walmart yielded dinner salads ($4.00 each), a lovely bottle of Merlot and a gallon of water. 

Back in the room, feet up, wine in hand...7:30pm! We are such party girls!!!

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