Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today's travels

Today I hopped on the little False Creek ferry and sailed over to Granville Island. From there I walked up to Broadway and back down to a small gallery where a friend's work was exhibited. Unfortunately the gallery was closed so I strolled back down to Granville Island. Enroute I met a family from New Jersey and offered assistance with directions and other places to see in our city. As they had two teenage boys with them, I suggested the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. They were planning to see a production of West Side Story at Theatre Under the Stars tonight...good choice!

Back on the Island I visited the Federation of Canadian Artists gallery to see a small painting by Judy Sims and gaze at the eclectic mix of small pieces in the current exhibition...varied in size, subject and media....interesting! Did it prompt me to get start to plan future creations?...No!

I thought that a coffee at the market would be a good idea but was soon overwhelmed by the noise level...time to move on and pick up some prawns and a luscious head of romaine lettuce for tonight's dinner ...a hot prawn salad.

Back on the little ferry I was the only passenger on the return trip to the Aquatic Centre where a horde of at least 30 people were waiting.

In the relative cool of the apartment I am serenaded by roosting gulls who have driven the crows off to a new perch. The sun is shining. It is time for a dip in the pool.

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