Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quite a week

Well, it has been quite a week. We left Puerto Vallarta last Sunday afternoon and after a lengthy delay out of Los Angeles we landed in Vancouver at 2:00am (4:00am PV time). By the time our heads hit the pillow it was 5:00am PV time and John's cold bug had totally infiltrated his chest and head.

He has been trying to shake the bug all week and finally saw the doctor yesterday. A chest x-ray and the purchase of a very expensive inhaler were the recommendations. He is feeling a bit better today.

Meanwhile I have been reconnecting with family, prepping meals and dealing with sleep deprivation due to a snoshy bedmate!! Last night we finally had a good sleep.

My sister was in the process of getting quotes for reroofing her garage when she noticed a roofing job taking place down the lane. She wandered down the lane to ask if they would like to give her a quote and discovered that it was a team of two women! They were hired!!

Lady roofers!!

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