Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Birthday Day

Wow! It has been a great birthday weekend.

On Friday night we attended the coffeehouse for Word on the Lake, the annual Writer's Festival in Salmon Arm. Several of the weekend presenters read excerpts from their published works. Grant Lawrence, a CBC host, was an entertaining storyteller as he read about his experience as a hockey goalie. Brian Brett's poetry was moving and impressive. Gail Bowen, a mystery writer, sucked us into one of her novels and left us determined to request her books at the library.

The highlight for us was Gary Fjellgaard! We first discovered him about 30 years ago at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (The Cultch). It was really special to hear his unique voice and moving lyrics again. His song "Somewhere on the island" is still a favourite after all these years!

On my birthday morning we visited Java Jive for our usual competition over tea, coffee and muffins. Unfortunately my partner was not generous. He won all three games!

During the day there were many phone calls and online messages from family and friends. Diana stopped by with a surprise gift of Glenfiddich and I finally opened my lovely scent filled package from Karen. Thank you very much ladies!!

The afternoon was filled with laughter and creativity at an Octava writing session. What would I do without these amazing women in my life. We wrote about "knocking on the door from the inside" and "knot by knot". As usual our writing reflected the diversity of this group that I joined 23 years ago!

Dinner at Table 24 was delicious. We savoured every bite and every sip of Hester Creek Merlot. As the last ones to leave the restaurant at 9:00pm, we wondered again why this town shuts down so early. The downtown streets were empty on a beautiful Saturday night!

It was a great day!! Now it's time to tackle that "final" painting again!!

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