Sunday, May 3, 2015

Womens' Discussion Group

Our Womens' Discussion Group met on Saturday evening for the first time in ages. Our venue was the Gathering Room at Okanagan College where we looked out at the small pond with tiny ducklings learning how to navigate behind their mother.

Our evening started with a round of wine tasting...bottles of white wine that were concealed in brown paper bags. The challenge was to identify the flavours and choose a favourite. Of course the results were varied. The one that I selected was revealed to be a Pinot Grigio. Delicious!!

After the wine tasting we shared quiche, salads and tasty bean & guacamole spread before launching into discussions on seven different topics. We each presented a recent topic from the news including Bruce Jenner's sex change, pharmaceutical drug testing, the affects of technology, brain elasticity, the art world, Monica Lewinsky and how we should work with our strengths instead of constantly striving to improve our weaknesses. Whew!

When it was time for coffee and dessert Karen surprised us with two birthday for me and the other one for Carol. Our birthdays are six days and six years apart.

It was a great evening of lively discussion, good food, tasty wines and delicious cake. I am very grateful to have these special women in my life. Thank you ladies!

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