Saturday, August 29, 2015

Smokey yoga and plums

We went for another smokey morning walk to the wharf and discovered a large group (maybe 70-80) of yoga participants on the wet grass in front of the gazebo. They were undeterred by the smokey air.

The lake is shrinking rapidly. Shorebirds are able to walk on the lake bottom from the end of the wharf until (almost) the rocky breakwater. Many groups of migrating geese, mergansers and other water birds are stopping to fuel up enroute to southern areas. They are reluctant to leave because it is still so warm here in the north.

This sandpiper and his friends were wading at the far end of the wharf.

Following a call from our friend we rushed over to harvest plums that were falling from the trees. The skies opened and we were soaked by the time we had filled a bucket with the juicy treasures.

Now we have the task of pitting, bagging and freezing!

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