Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The 31st house showing

After entertaining friends last night I decided to "bump" my routine and arrive at Curves for my Wednesday workout at 10am instead of 8am. Normally I would leave the house around 7:30am for the walk to Curves. I was enjoying a leisurely morning coffee when the phone rang at 8:15am. It was our realtor. Could our house be shown in 2 hours?? We looked at each other and decided to tackle the cleanup from last night's dinner party and prepare the house for its 31st showing.

We scurried around to vacuum, sweep, dust and clean before I dropped John at Java Jive for his morning breakfast around 10am while I carried on to Curves. It wasn't until halfway through my workout that I thought....what if I had gone to Curves at my usual time???? What would John have done??? What would the house have looked like??? OMG!

I must have known that it was important to change my schedule this morning!!! Who knows...these could be the new owners of our home.

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