Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 4 - Portland trip

Oh dear! Tara woke up with a horrible cold. She didn't want to miss anything so she soldiered on, keeping up with us as we explored more of Portland.

Our first stop was at the Aerial Tram station where we boarded a tram car that holds 79 people and travels 3300 linear feet during a four minute rise to Marquam Hill, also known as PILL HILL because it is home to several hospitals and a medical university.

View from the top

Shriner's Hospital sculpture

After descending we hopped on the MAX train for the first leg of a trip to the Alberta District. Enroute we decided to stop at a Fred Meyer for medical supplies (i.e.) kleenex, Dayquil, lozenges. Next adventure included a bus trip (our first) over to Alberta Street where we discovered FUEL and some excellent lunch food!

Turkey pesto panini, curry bowl and burger!

Alberta Street is very colourful with lots of funky shops and eateries....

...and murals.

A quick bus trip took us to Lloyd Centre and a bit more shopping
before we finally used two MAX lines to return to the Hotel.

Another dinner at Chez Elmer.

Tara is fully medicated and in bed.
Dorothy and I have our ear plugs ready!!

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