Monday, September 7, 2015

sick and tired...

This weekend our daughter and son-in-law were visiting from Vancouver with our 6 year old grandson. On Saturday we had to prepare the house for 2 showings and vacate for three hours. Toys were stashed, luggage hidden, beds remade and bathrooms were cleaned in preparation for the showings.

When we returned there was a request by one of the viewing realtors for a second visit on Sunday morning. Once again everyone pitched in with de-cluttering, leaving the house by 9:30am on Sunday, ahead of the 10:00 am revisit.

We decided to share breakfast at the Prestige Inn where we waited 45 minutes for delivery of mediocre food to the table. After a walk to the wharf we returned home and discovered a message was waiting to say that the people changed their minds and decided not to take a second look at the house. When did they make this decision? If they had given us enough notice we wouldn't have inconvenienced our house guests and spent money on a so-so breakfast!!

I am sick and tired of trying to sell this house! Last week there were cigarette butts outside the front door! I am tired of rude and inconsiderate people! If the house doesn't sell by the end of October ..that's it! We will live out the rest of our days here!

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