Monday, September 26, 2016

Two more sleeps!

Two more sleeps before we fly back to Europe for the second time this year. I have been told in the past that I say "NO" too often when invitations are extended so this time I agreed to say "YES" to the offer of a tour through the Balkan countries with friends...even though it means two trips to Europe in one year...totally decadent!!!

On Sunday I joined my sisters for a walk at Westminster Quay and a birthday lunch in advance of one sister's birthday. We were surprised to find blue trees along the walkway.

"The Blue Trees" are part of the Vancouver Biennale initiative.
 Painting trees blue was used to raise social consciousness 
about the role of trees as the lungs of the world.

Tara and Dorothy posed under a massive "W".
 This public art piece was created by Jose Resende, 
a Brazilian artist to celebrate "WOW-Westminster".
Four-forty foot long shipping containers form the 140 foot wide sculpture.

Dorothy did not consume a beer. 
She was recycling someone else's garbage!

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