Saturday, June 20, 2015

A note to realtors

A note to realtors:
When you make an appointment for a house showing...don't show up whenever you like!!

Today was the second time that a particular realtor showed up with her clients at a different time than the scheduled time ...2 hours earlier!! I have been running through the possible scenarios in my mind ever since. What if we weren't home?...the bed hadn't been made, clothes were scattered, dishes were waiting to be washed and put away.

It happened that we were home and I had just spent 30 minutes on hands and knees washing the kitchen floor, John was handling a distress call from a hospice client when I heard two cars pull into our driveway. He went out and asked for 10 minutes to tidy the bedroom and kitchen. As I rushed around making the bed and disposing of laundry the realtor appeared and said that her clients didn't like the yard. Bye-bye!!

If you can't keep your schedule shouldn't be in the real estate business! This shows a complete disrespect for people who are trying to sell their homes!

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