Thursday, June 11, 2015

Selling our house

The ongoing process of trying to sell our house has been a combination of interesting, disappointing and downright confusing. In the past five days we have prepared the house for four showings. Even though we aren't messy people there is considerable time involved in setting out the "right" towels and bed coverings, hiding the playing cards and backgammon game, straightening the TV room, sweeping the decks, wiping down the counters and mirrors, returning the kettle, coffeemaker and teapot to their storage places, carrying the fans downstairs, stowing the laundry. Then there are the outdoor tidying chores...hoses, garden gloves, hoe, rake, lawn mower. Of course everything isn't always put back into it's proper storage place after using...that would be too easy!

When we return home there is always a realtor's business card on the kitchen counter and several telltale signs that someone has poked around in the house. The usual signs are obvious...sliding doors on the bathtub left open, doors to storage rooms left open and cupboards ajar. Yesterday was a bit different. An antique doll that sits in a child's rocking chair was dragged into the middle of the TV room, our bed covering was messed up and some small things on the desk were moved. My guess is that children accompanied their parents during the tour of our house...but...why wouldn't they straighten things afterward?!

So...the house has been on the market for 100 days. There have been 26 showings but no sale. It doesn't have granite counter tops or hardwood floors but it does offer a treed secluded setting with regular visits from pheasants, deer, a variety of birds and the occasional misguided bear. The lake is visible through trees at the bottom of the property and a twelve minute walk takes you into the downtown shops.

This is the third summer that we have listed the house with a realtor. If the house is determined to stay in our possession, we might have to test the market to find a suitable rental family for the next year. That way we would be free to travel.

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