Thursday, June 30, 2016

Concert pros and cons

It was a great concert last night! The talented trio of Nico Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs took the stage at Queen Elizabeth Theatre during the Vancouver Jazz Festival. Their combined talent is immense. Hard to believe that k.d. lang will be 55 years old this year! She moved and danced around the stage for the entire concert. They returned for two ovations, performing more songs from their new collaborative album. The audience went wild when k.d. also sang two favourites... Helpless and Constant Craving. What an amazing voice she has!!

Unfortunately the lead act did not please the audience. The instrumental was lovely but it was impossible to decipher anything that Andy Shauf sang in any of his songs. It wasn't an acoustical problem...he twists words in his mouth in such a way that they come out like a foreign language. I love to listen to music from around the world, in a variety of languages...but...this was just annoying!
If he had left the stage after 3-4 songs it would have been forgivable. Unfortunately he persisted for half an hour to irritate the hell out of me!

Having Adrian along made the evening even more enjoyable. He was recovering from the previous day's athletic activities that served as a reminder to him of "aging and unused muscles"!!

This morning we sauntered down the length of Comox Street from Burrard to Denman for a visit to the Denman Community Centre. When the Aquatic Centre closes for annual maintenance John will be using the fitness centre on Denman. We were quite happy to get lending privileges at the library and finally took a break at Blenz before making the trek back to 1100 Harwood Street.

Blenz is housed in the old Bay Theatre building that was constructed in 1939 
and has been retrofitted for retail purposes.

I continue to apply myself to Greek language studies every afternoon.
Conjugating verbs is not a pleasant pastime!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing concert (despite the lack of enunciation)!