Monday, June 20, 2016

Panhandler, baseball & full moon

It was an interesting and full day. We started the day with coffee at Breka, our cafe of choice where we watch people passing by outside the window and shape our writings around what we see. The same panhandler is present every day, making unsuccessful pleas for money. He is full bearded and very thin. One hand is always clutching at his pants to keep them from falling off his skeletal frame. This morning I decided to buy a cheese scone for him and carried it outside to where he was sitting on the pavement, unable to find the strength to do his usual dancing around with hand extended to every passerby. He looked at the bag and said "I don't want that...I want a coffee!" Speechless, I returned to my seat in the cafe and watched as he wandered across to the 7-11 and plopped down on the sidewalk outside.

The phone rang as we walked down Granville Street later. It was Adrian to ask if we wanted to watch a ball game with him and two friends that evening. He said that he would call later to confirm what time he would pick us up. I envisioned that we would sit in a bar, eat nachos and watch a televised baseball game. His next call confirmed that he had the tickets. "What tickets?" I asked. "For the baseball game" he replied. So...that was when we learned that he was taking us to the Vancouver Canadians opening season game at Nat Bailey Stadium!!

The Stadium was full of loud, raucous fans drinking beer and eating hot dogs. 
It was a perfect sunny evening...aside from the fact that the seats were hard metal
...and the young woman behind us was drunk before the first pitch was thrown. 
Thankfully we left after 8 innings... the score was 7-0 for the other team.

Back at the apartment we received word that someone would be arriving at 9am tomorrow 
to start repairs on the bedroom wall. The job could take 3 days! There is potential for a mess!!!

It is the summer solstice and a full moon tonight.

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