Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birthday and Giro de Burnaby

As we were preparing to leave for our grandson's belated birthday dinner we received a call from our daughter to say that the Giro de Burnaby was taking place on the street outside their apartment. There was no parking nearby and Hastings Street was closed from Boundary to Willingdon. Grabbing birthday gifts and wine we headed out the door with the hope of finding a parking spot somewhere in the area.

The sky clouded over and it started raining as we parked three blocks away. Fortunately we still had clothing in the trunk so we were able to put on an extra layer for protection.

Augie had to test the berries!
It was a delicious cake from Whole Foods 
with almond flavoured whipped cream!!

Traditional post-dinner cribbage competition.

The weather gradually improved for hundreds of cyclists
who came from around the world to compete in this event.
The prize money is $15,000 for this 1.3km closed loop race.

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