Sunday, July 3, 2016

Meat Draw and THE BOYS

Last night was so much fun! We joined Adrian and friends at the Army & Navy on Main Street for their weekly "meat draw". It was reminiscent of visits to the Steveston location with my mother. She would bring her baggie with peanuts and raisins to share while we savoured glasses of draft beer.

Our group managed several "wins" last night. John left with boneless pork chops and was the winner of a 50/50 draw ($35), Kat (a vegetarian) won pork chops and salmon patties, Peter, Gerry and Ty also took home some meals.

Afterward we enjoyed dinner at "Meet on Main", a vegetarian restaurant that serves unique and really tasty dishes. Kat bicycled home and we returned to the car to discover a parking ticket. Apparently I had parked too close to the corner!!!...$50.00!!



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