Sunday, July 31, 2016

Food and Pride

It has been a week of food! On Thursday night we joined friends for a feast of Korean food in Richmond. The table was loaded with dishes of tasty food and our bellies were groaning when we left the restaurant after two hours...delish!!

On Friday we travelled to Richmond again for a relaxing lunch with friends. Back in the downtown area we found ourselves caught in the "Pre-Pride Street Dance" road closure traffic....grrrrh! Unbeknownst to us, Davie Street was closed from 3:00pm. It was a mess!

Yesterday we drove out to my sister's for an overnight visit and another incredible meal. This morning we deliberately left Cloverdale early in order to avoid the crowds that were expected for the Pride parade. Unfortunately, once again, we were not aware that Davie Street would be closed. Forced to turn onto Burrard, we were also forced to drive over the Burrard Bridge because Pacific was closed. I managed a u-turn and travelled across the bridge again toward the apartment. My passenger encouraged me to make an illegal turn and we finally coasted into the underground parking. I rushed to get out of the car and up to the apartment with a very anxious bladder. It wasn't until I was organizing my purse later that I discovered the key & fob for the garage were missing!!! They are probably sitting on the seat in the car but we cannot access the garage without the key!!!!
I have left messages for the building manager and hope that she is able to let me into the garage before tomorrow.

Later this afternoon we joined thousands of post-parade revellers on Davie Street. On this perfect day there was an abundance of sequins, rainbows and bright happy faces enjoying the party atmosphere.

A parade group

At Jim Deva Plaza.

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