Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bright idea?

Sometimes when you wake up with a bright's best to ignore it and replace it with common sense! That didn't happen this morning! I suggested that we take the little ferry to Granville Island, enjoy a "pre-crowd breakfast" and do a walkabout.

Looking out the windows from our lofty height it appeared that the snow had been washed away overnight so there should be no problem...wrong! The sidewalks were still slushy on the way downhill so we chose to walk on the road, navigating around parked cars. Then we arrived at the pathway leading to the little ferry. It had not been cleared so we chose to step onto the snowy grass edge, clinging to each other to ensure that if one of us went down, the other was down too! A feeling of confidence soon evaporated when we encountered the ramp that would take us down to the wharf and the waiting ferry. It was very slippery but at least there was a railing. The skipper waited patiently for us and dropped us on Granville Island a few minutes later.

A word of warning...Granville Island roadways have not been plowed and the pathways were not cleared!!

Sliding into the market we settled ourselves for a relaxing breakfast while we watched racing skulls with energetic young people race back and forth in the harbour. Finally it was time to layer ourselves into winter outerwear and brave the walkways of the Island, not an easy task. As the sleet intensified we decided to slide down the ramp and sail back to the West End.

The snow intensified and we were soon in the midst of a blizzard as we tackled the hill back to the apartment. We weren't empty handed however. There were prawns and scallops for dinner tonight...

...and we were not tempted by the Christmas goodies on display!

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