Friday, December 9, 2016

More snow

It looks like Vancouver is going to have a harsh winter.

Once again we are receiving a blanket of snow!

Snow has been falling off and on all day. We went for a walk this afternoon and slid back to the apartment on slushy, slippery sidewalks. There isn't a huge accumulation in the downtown area but there is enough to make the roads treacherous when temperatures drop tonight.

The weather forecast indicates overnight lows next week of minus 10 degrees...probably record breaking cold temperatures for Vancouver! We were very grateful to discover our winter coats (from Salmon Arm) in my sister's closet.

We heard from John's sister that she and her husband will be joining us for Christmas...driving from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to share turkey dinner. This year we are not doing the "big family dinner" routine, instead we are breaking into smaller groups for a change.

Over the years we have hosted Christmas dinners in Salmon Arm, shared the turkey festivities in Puerto Vallarta and visited with family at the coast for large tables of food and fun. This year we have decided to keep it small and simple. Three of our kids are spread out...New York, Sechelt and Oregon so our youngest will join us along with the "blow-ins" from Saskatchewan to fight over the turkey wishbone, who makes the best gravy and whether brussel sprouts are necessary for Christmas dinner! (Of course they are!) We will wrap up the evening festivities with a rousing game of Saskatchewan Rummy and Rusty Nails!!

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