Monday, December 19, 2016

Crazy or brave

Crazy or brave?? Not sure which category we are in after navigating the downtown streets of Vancouver this morning. Instead of rainfall overnight, we experienced a huge dump of snow. None of the main streets or side streets were ploughed, none of the sidewalks were cleared. All intersections had foot deep piles of snowy slush.

We slipped, slid and waded across intersections enroute to the Community Centre (John's gym) on Denman Street. For those who have never experienced Vancouver after a snowfall that turns to a is ugly! We had finally released our grip on each other, on a cleared piece of pavement, when an idiot raced along Denman Street in the curb lane and covered us in a heavy spray of slush from head to toe!! We were soaked and sought refuge at Delany's for a coffee/tea warm-up.

The return walk, two hours later, showed some improvements on the sidewalks but nothing had been done to clear slush from the streets. Rivers were running alongside the curbs and massive puddles had formed at every crosswalk.

We are taking a one hour rest (and drying our gear) before tackling our next outdoor adventure to get to a Doctor's appointment using the transit system. Should be interesting!

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