Saturday, November 22, 2014

A photo walk

I enjoyed another interesting walk this morning with my trusty camera along. I am using a Canon SX270HS with a 20X zoom and love the results. It's a bit heavier and bulkier than some of the small digital cameras but allows me to capture clear images from a distance.

The city has placed a series of cement benches down the centre of a new pedestrian street that leads to the wharf. Each bench is embellished with a mosaic pattern that was sponsored by local businesses and individuals.

This one was sponsored by Archie's Wok restaurant.

The first poinsettias cast a shadow!

I stopped to talk to one of the artists who exhibits on the Malecon every day. Shaman's pieces have always interested me with their whimsical touches. He explained some of the Aztec symbolism that he includes in every painting and showed me his album of work that he has sold to clients. In the past he was a University professor and also had a Magic Show on the weekends. For the last four years he has made a good living as an artist in PV.

Shaman adds finishing touches to a piece
that was sold yesterday.

This little "bug" brightened our torturous walk home
up several hills and dozens (hundreds) of stairs!!

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