Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mata's challenges

Mata has faced some challenges since the guys left on their holidays. First there was the dishwasher that had been sent for repairs and needed to be picked up at the port. How?? Fortunately a friend was able to arrange for the delivery. Then there was the constant beeping that needed to be located. After all three of us spent some time listening, it was determined that it came from the sanitary dispenser that fed into the toilet! What to do? A call to Theo and the problem was solved. Then the coffee maker decided to spring a leak dispersing water all over the floor in the bar. Again, what to do? Turn off the water supply and call Theo who gave her the name of a repairman. He came the same day and made a temporary adjustment so that I could have my latte!

Around the same time Mata noticed that Theo's car was leaking some fluid. What to do? She called Theo and he gave her the name of the auto repair guy who still hasn't returned her call...probably away from the island right now.

Then the ice machine decided to grind to a halt in the cellar last night before everyone was due to arrive for dinner. Buckets of water had to be removed in order to avoid a major flood.

Fortunately Armelle had arrived early for dinner and was able to help with the process of removing water. I was busy cooking. There will probably be a phone call to Theo again today!

In the midst of all these events there is a guy who likes to visit the bar around 11:30pm and stay until around 4:00am which results in very little sleep for our barmaid!!

Today she will face the challenge of getting four of the bar cats to the vet for neutering!! What a girl!
I hope the guys realize how lucky they are to have this wonderful person looking after their business!

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