Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas eve

Struggling with this damned cold. Took a night time Tylenol cold med last night and my eyes refused to close until after 2:30am!! Naptime this afternoon.

Met friends for coffee this morning at Caffe Citadella. Managed to catch up on family news from the past two years while devouring delicious cranberry/orange scones. Coffees are always accompanied (in European style) by a small gold foil wrapped chocolate....yummhh!!

We have managed to do our daily ramblings despite the cold symptoms....discovering new buildings and street art along the way. Yesterday we found The Lauren which caused a major outcry from local residents.

Construction of The Lauren caused disruption and disturbances
for the neighbourhood residents and lawsuits with the City of Vancouver are still pending.

The mosaic was made with pieces of the stained glass windows 
 from St. John's Church which was demolished on this site.

Happy Holiday wishes at Barclay House.

Back on Davie Street we spotted one of the Vankiss mistletoes
hanging from a light standard and asked a passerby to snap a photo.
There are 10 mistletoe locations in downtown Vancouver this year.

We aren't sure who OTTO is but we smile 
every time we see his message in the lobby!

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