Friday, December 18, 2015

Zakkushi, umbrella etiquette and a birthday dinner

On Wednesday night we walked down to Denman Street and met our friends Arndt & Toshiko for dinner at Zakkushi. This restaurant specializes in charcoal grilled skewers so we sampled many different flavours including beef, pork and liver. For the first time we enjoyed grilled rice balls that were very flavourful. An order of edamame and several cups of sake warmed us before the walk back home. We shared our stories of packing up and moving...they relocated to a White Rock condo from Armstrong while we are still homeless with luggage in the trunk of our car.

 The rain returned with intermittent snow flakes yesterday. It was another dreary wet day in paradise. Time to reflect on umbrella etiquette! Brollies are essential and utilitarian in Vancouver. Unfortunately, while the City has created bicycle lanes, it has not created "Umbrella lanes" on the sidewalks. It can be a hazardous trek to the grocery store as ignorant brolly holders refuse to adjust the position of their overhead protection. Then there are the ultimate abusers of umbrella etiquette who place dripping umbrellas on seats in the local coffee shops! I was forced to reprimand one of the abusers and promised not to disclose "his" name!

Last night the ladies shared a belated celebration of my sister's birthday 
at Yianni's Greek Taverna in New Westminster.
It was great to have our younger generation join the sisters!
Good food...good company!

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