Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec. 16 - Theatre, coffee and more

We were given an early Christmas to a theatre production staged by Forbidden Vancouver at Roedde House in the West End of Vancouver. The house, designed by Rattenbury, is a part of the Barclay Heritage Square which features 9 historic homes built between 1890-1908.

It was about a one mile walk through the rain to the house where our group of 20 audience members gathered on the porch and waited for the Chinese houseboy to welcome us inside. Staged in 1915, the play was entitled "War for the Holidays". It touched on issues of the time...The Great War, prejudice, suffrage and family dynamics.

After being ushered into the sitting room we were offered cocktails of amaretto and eggnog. Throughout the play we had the opportunity to view various rooms as we followed the actors up and down the stairs. In the dining room we were given tasty plum pudding before singing a final Christmas carol, wishing a Merry Christmas to the family and waving goodbye.

The rain had stopped when we left so we had a leisurely walk back to the apartment past brilliant displays of Christmas lights. We are both enjoying our many walks through the neighbourhoods.

This morning we met our friend Arlene for coffee at Caffe Citadel. Time flies when we are together,
there are always so many topics to cover. Arlene is a talented writer and teacher with so many other creative skills. In the spring she will be conducting "foodie tours" from Yaletown over to Granville Island with a focus on sustainability. If you're in Vancouver...this is a must!

After coffee we visited the Bird-on-a-Wire shop on Main Street just south of Broadway. My sister and I discovered this little gallery/craft shop when they first opened five years ago. I am thrilled that it  still exists and is able to provide a venue for local artists and artisans to sell their creations. We found several treasures.

While John was napping this afternoon I went in search of a specific Christmas gift...enjoying the sunny day. Unfortunately both shops that carry the item were out of stock but I did manage to capture an interesting mural enroute.

This artwork is hidden in an alley behind The Two Parrots!

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