Sunday, December 13, 2015

The horse and the rubber ducky

He clutched a grey plastic horse in one hand and his coffee in the other hand. The horse was placed carefully on the counter beside creams and sugars. It stood upright, appearing to watch his movements. After stirring some sugar into the coffee he picked up the horse and moved to a seat by the window. Now the horse sat on the counter facing pedestrians as they walked past.

We had stopped in at Joe Rich's on Davie for our morning coffee. I was fascinated by the guy with the horse and wondered if it was a "coded message". He didn't seem embarrassed by his companion and the other customers weren't disturbed by its presence.

As I was mulling over the various possibilities another customer walked by and placed a yellow rubber ducky on the table in front of his coffee. That was when I knew for sure that something was going on. Had we stumbled into some sort of weird hangout where the regular customers signalled messages to each other with their toys? Was it a Sunday morning ritual? Did the horse indicate a huge penis? What could the rubber ducky mean? Who could we ask about this odd habit?

That was when the cook came out of the kitchen carrying two breakfast plates and calling for "the horse" and "the rubber ducky"! OMG!! Why didn't they just take the customer's name instead of giving them toys!

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