Sunday, January 31, 2016

A trip to the beach

This morning we walked down to the beach for the first time. It is a long slow walk on the cobblestoned and winding road to the "highway". From there we followed a dirt road alongside the all-inclusive hotel to the beach. A Mexican greeted us immediately and took us on a makeshift bridge over the creek to his beach hut cafe and a table complete with hand embroidered tablecloth and four Coca-Cola plastic chairs. We sat in the shade a short distance from the water and watched the activity.

From the bridge looking over the creek and toward the beach huts.

Boys fishing in the surf (unsuccessfully).

Vendors approached us with attempts to sell jewellery, clothing and blankets. Occasionally they made a sale. The chairs, tables and beach cots filled up as we shared lunch and watched people trying to navigate out of the water once they were in. The undertow was quite strong and there were several mishaps as young women struggled to keep parts of their bathing suits on. In one case the bottom filled with sand and dragged the bikini bottom down to her knees!

John ordered an octopus/shrimp salad and I had fish tacos. Everything was quite tasty but there didn't appear to be any sanitation for food prep...we have our fingers crossed!!!

When the young men seated near us ordered cigarettes from a vendor we decided that it was time to head back up the hill...a torturous walk with numerous stops enroute. How many "soon-to-be 72 & 79 year olds" could handle the hike?? We felt quite proud of our second attempt at the uphill trek!

The next time I am wearing my bathing suit and tackling the undertow!!!

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