Saturday, January 23, 2016

Power outage

When we arrived back at the condo yesterday morning we discovered that the electricity was not working. This meant no telephone, no wi-fi, no connection to the outside world. The guys were due to arrive at the airport from Vancouver and we had no way of checking their arrival headed to the airport in hopes of arriving around the right time. They were already waiting for us and I was relieved to pass the driving on to one of them for the return trip.

Meanwhile my plans for dinner changed as we realized that the power probably wouldn't be restored in time to cook. The landlord's story was that the power company had screwed up his payment but it is more likely that the payment wasn't made...maybe not for the first time!! The wires to the building had been physically disconnected in the morning. They don't use computers for that job here! Somehow the landlord had managed to get a crew from the electric company to come and reconnect us but by 7:30 it was dark, no sign of power yet and we were hungry!

We drove down to a small taverna type place in Mismaloya for dinner...great margaritas and delicious fish dinners. They also had a modern jukebox that continued to pump out selections made by a group of young Mexicans.

We finally experimented with a 10 peso coin
and selected songs from Sam Smith, The Eagles 
and Richie Vallens "La Bomba".

The power was restored by the time we returned...wi-fi was working
...we were connected to the world!

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