Thursday, January 14, 2016

Driving, memory and photos

Driving back and forth between Mismaloya and Puerto Vallarta has become "almost" routine for me although I do like the relaxation of boarding a bus for the trip. On the bus I don't have to deal with the Mexicans who decide to pass on a blind curve or the ones who cling to my rear bumper. Fortunately I have not driven anywhere that involves getting into a side road on the right hand side in order to negotiate a left turn!!

Like most aging people I have questioned my memory over the past few years...wondering why I can't remember the names of people and places. During the last two weeks I have been surprised to learn that my memory still manages to capture and hold some of the more important information. The code to the gate at the bottom of the hill, the combination to the safe, how many topes (speed bumps) we drive over enroute and where they are located. It is reassuring to know that these valuable tidbits are retained and...more importantly...can be recalled!!!! Just don't ask me the names of everyone we met at the cocktail party!

Some images from this morning's walk.

Oyster feast under the bridge!

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