Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the finger

We are still enjoying our bus rides back from PV. There is often a musician on board who sings or plays a couple of tunes before passing around his hat. Today we sat in the front seats behind the driver who made John nervous by driving half of the distance in neutral.

The rear view mirror was surrounded in a plush toilet seat cover!

After our morning coffee we walked over to the market and then turned back along the river. The city has completed a beautiful walkway along the entire length of the river into town. We spotted birds fishing, a guy shaving and several lines of laundry along the way.

We will definitely pop into this little place on another walk.

Across from the market.

Unfortunately I had a little accident when disembarking from the taxi today that took us up the hill from the bus stop. My "gesture" finger on the left hand got caught in the back door. I am sure that the nail will be lost in the future. It hurt like hell!!! The minute I got into the condo I swaddled it in ice and then submerged it in ice water for about 1/2 hour. The colours range from angry red to surprised purple!!

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