Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hot winds

Hot desert winds 
blown from Africa
lift the grape vines
and dry the hillside.


Yesterday was the first day that I didn't wear either a long sleeved shirt or a jacket since arriving on the island. We are being embraced by hot winds for a few days until the wind direction changes and cools again from the north.

This morning our writing group met again to share stories on themes of family, passport and the sea.


I have spent so much time conjugating verbs in Greek lately that it spilled over into my "family" poem!

Conjugate your family:
Remove the ego
and reflect on
what he did to her
what she did to them
and ask yourself
if you did enough.

In future tense
what will he do for her
what will she do for them
and whether or not
you will do more!


The Swiss, the Brit and and Indian princess peering down on us
with offerings of freshly chilled slices of melon!

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