Monday, May 29, 2017

John's birthday celebration

Last night we experienced such an outpouring of love for John on his big 80th!
Around 40 people arrived to shower him with hugs, kisses, wishes and gifts.


Milena arrived in her ballet/ princess outfit
and helped John to examine each gift.
She made him a scented candle.

Kalliroi, who brought delicious mashed potatoes, was gorgeous in turquoise.
She gave John a hand written compilation of poems from her favourite poets.


Theodosia and Myrto provided glamour to the evening!


Mansi, who brought homemade daal, joined Dagmar and Elena for dinner.


Adrian was surrounded by beautiful women all night!

John also received calls from Manuela & Wilma in Sweden, 
Rahel in Switzerland and Maja in Sarajevo during the evening celebrations.
Maja thrilled us by singing a beautiful song to him.

Michael Anne brought in her famous carrot cake while everyone sang Happy Birthday
in Greek and in English before John recited an emotional poem and thanked everyone!

Theo took over as DJ and played an eclectic mix of dance music.
What a wonderful evening!


  1. <3 <3 <3

    A Different Soldier

    I'll strive to remain a loyal subject
    of the world above to the end; to remain
    to the end in the ranks of the universe
    in a uniform of love and poetry. And I'll strive
    as I go, to follow the sun to the end.