Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What a birthday!

What a birthday!
It started in the morning with cake, flowers 
and a birthday balloon from Maria, our landlady.


The cake was still warm, the flowers sweetly scented!

Tonight we gathered at Jazzmin for dinner prepared by Mata and Rahel...
...Amazing pasta, delicious baked sweet potatoes and incredible salads.


I was spoiled...friends cooked my birthday dinner and brought lovely gifts.


It was  my pleasure to share this birthday with Maja, a Sarajevo Princess!
I am wearing the top that John gave me and an Indian scarf from Maja.
She is wearing the silk outfit that Yorgos gave her.

Then we provided a little after dinner entertainment.


Spooning requires much dexterity between nose, mouth and tongue.
Our technique involves transferring the spoon from nose to mouth to your partner's nose!

And then there was scrumptious birthday cake
brought by Carmen and Baz!
What a wonderful birthday!!!

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