Friday, November 20, 2015

..a little weird!'s starting to feel a little weird! Maybe too much has gone too soon? The couches went to a new home in Barriere today and the kitchen table & chairs also slid out the door along with hundreds of dollars worth of tools, nuts, bolts, nails and various other unrecognizable hardware stuff.

We pledged the two remaining beds to Adrian's friend with the promise that they would be picked up next Wednesday afternoon. So, we still have a bed to sleep in for the next 5 nights, a dining room table to share meals on, two chairs and a TV for entertainment, a BOSe for musical background in this emptying shell.

Around every corner I discover something else that needs to be packed. The Roxi Hermsen clay piece in the bathroom was hiding until today! Finding the right sized box for odd items is a challenge. Example: do we donate the paper shredder or do we search for yet another box? Do we need all those cushions? What will I do with my 25 foot long knitted root?

Also, when is it appropriate to pack up the dishes, utensils, pots, pans and refuse to cook another meal? Should there be a feeling of ceremony around "The Last Supper"? What about the freezer food? Can I use the plums to make a dessert cobbler for the next five nights? Do I want to?

The moving company called yesterday to get an inventory from us in order to prepare the movers. The response was "WHAT? That's all you have?" As long as I don't find anymore hidden things, our remaining possessions should fit in the 8' x 10' storage unit.

Yesterday the community benefitted from donations of crutches to the Red Cross, old towels and blankets to SPCA, outdated meds to the pharmacy, clothes to Mental Health thrift store and a full carload to Churches thrift store. We love the feeling of releasing all this stuff  but the adjustment to an emptying house with blank walls is a little disconcerting! Maybe that's why John has gone for a nap!

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