Sunday, November 22, 2015


I managed to get a lot done today in the absence of my sweet man. He visited the gym and then spent two hours with a hospice client while I tackled the packing agenda again. It was a good day for both of us. Around 4:30pm we took some groceries over to our neighbour and shared homemade wine with wild stories of our experiences over the past two weeks. Returning to the house we discovered more "unpacked" items hanging on the back deck in the form of chimes and lovely glass hangings!

Entering the kitchen John also discovered three large bowls nestled on a shelf above the fridge! Yikes! At my height I didn't notice them! How many boxes will I need to complete this move?! I still haven't found the appropriate sized box for two pieces of glass that serve as night tables on top of large baskets on either side of our bed.

The freezer is empty...moved over to our neighbour's deep freeze so I will be able to clean the entire fridge-freezer tomorrow. All of the kitchen cupboards and drawers are empty. Closets are almost empty! Important reminder to other movers: keep the hangers!...that required another box!

There are now three fully packed suitcases...two for Mexico/Greece and one for Vancouver as well as a bag of meds, camera equipment and computers, European hairdryer and cell phone, baggies of various currencies, money belts, books, pens, shampoo, toothbrushes & paste, lotions, bug spray, jewelry, gifts, Xmas cards, writing books, art supplies, address/tel  book, etc. What to do with all the other clothes?...oh, right!...more boxes!!! And...don't forget to pack the phones and TV remote!!

OMG...just spotted the CD's!!!!!

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