Thursday, November 5, 2015


The waiting is over.
Our home will move into other hands
on November 28th.

It has been a challenging eight months with 46 showings. Each time we vacuumed, cleaned and attempted to present our home in the best light possible to complete strangers with the hope that someone would love it the way we have for over 24 years. There were glitches and stumbling blocks along the way. We discovered (through a survey at the cost of $900) that our back deck encroached on City land by 28 inches. We considered reducing the size of the deck. That would have cost an estimated $5000. The City would not give us an easement. Finally, after much discussion, we decided to leave it. A buyer could decide to reduce the size if or when it was necessary...probably never. Our road is not located where it should be...actually it isn't even shown on City maps! The likelihood of the road being moved is extremely unlikely. It's been in place for at least 35 years.

So, the future will be a new adventure. We have no idea where we will relocate. We will be homeless over the next few months while visiting Mexico and Europe. Eventually a decision will be made and a new home created. Keep posted!

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