Friday, November 27, 2015

From home to the trunk of our car

It was a tight fit but almost everything squeezed into the Honda this morning. 
The keys were left on the kitchen window sill and we closed the front door for the last time, 
ending an important 24 year chapter in our lives.

Our final stop before leaving town was at Java Jive 
for morning coffee and many goodbye hugs.

Miranda and Hunter joined us as we were leaving.

It was an easy, uneventful and quiet drive down the Coq to my sister's house in Burnaby. 
We were quite reflective along the way, processing the busy events of this past month.
Strangely, it felt much the same as past years when we have left the cold
to visit warmer sites for a few months.
I suspect that our jolt of reality will be when we face 
a"homeless" state after travels end next year!

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