Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beads and zippers

Shelly arrived on Monday afternoon and I am very grateful to have female company! I made a salmon loaf, Moroccan chickpeas and Roe's eggplant dish for her welcome dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy the flavours.

Yesterday we had a lazy day, picked up groceries for dinner...steamed artichokes, fritatta and salad. Yummh! Today we played with beads at Connie's..

Connie hosts bead parties where she hauls out THOUSANDS of beads
for the creative pleasure of those attending.

Every size, colour, material and shape is available.

Some have large holes and others have small holes.
She offers a variety of earring wires, bracelet  and necklace materials
to string your choice of beads.

Connie helping to assemble Shelly's bracelet.

Josie, Shelly, Connie and I model our creations.

Shelly made earrings and a bracelet while I created two gorgeous bracelets. Our first visit was a gift from Connie. She has a price list for the creation of other jewellery...very modest pricing with valuable assistance and good company. It was a lot of fun!!

Tonight we drove to El Rio again for a sparerib dinner and music by Sylvie and the Zippers! More fun!

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