Friday, March 3, 2017

No Trump Zone - Friday gathering

This morning we joined the Friday "No Trump Zone" group for coffee and discussion. The consensus seemed to be that Trump's cohorts are going to collapse and pull him along with them. This seems to be wishful has happened before.

The succession rule for Trump (the current President of the USA) would be Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Oran Hatch, Rex Tillerson. That is a scary lineup of potential replacements for today's leader!

Margo and for 54 years.
Mike designed the logo for our t-shirts.
At one point in his work history he considered a position with the radio station in Salmon Arm!

After our group meeting we did some shopping around town and were continually met with gratitude from locals who stopped to thank us or gave us a "thumbs up" sign of appreciation. Many gringos also asked where they could buy a shirt. 

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