Sunday, March 12, 2017


Yesterday I wandered through the aisles of a Mexican supermarket with my camera.

Mexicans drink an estimated 163 litres (36 imperial gallons) on average per person every year 
- 40% more than an average American (who drinks 118 litres, or 26 gallons). 

In January 2014, Mexico introduced a national tax on sugary drinks and junk food 
- a 10% tax on every litre of sugar-sweetened drinks and an 8% tax on high-calorie food. 

The country leads the world in childhood obesity with 10% of children being introduced to sugary sodas before they are six months old and 80% of children addicted to sodas by the time they reach two years of age. In the poorest households, monthly purchases of sweet drinks fell by a full 17% in the first year after the tax was introduced in 2014 .

We often see people rolling grocery carts of huge bottles filled with sugary drinks out to their cars. Obesity is not restricted to children in this country. Considering the number of overweight women, it is interesting to note that it is impossible to find large bras in any of the stores where Mexican women shop!

I can't imagine the discomfort of strapping on a bra that is many sizes too small!

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